Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 – ADB Device Driver

  • 19 Jul, 2012
  • Phil Hong

We have been developing applications for the Android platform and getting all of the different phones connected has been tricky. The Samsung Galaxy phones, namely the SII (S2) and the SIII (S3) proved to be the most challenging and time consuming.


Here are the steps we followed to get the phones connected and visible via the ADB interface:


  1. Disconnect the phone from USB
  2. Using USBDeview, I deinstalled all previously installed drivers relating to the phone (Look for Samsung Android as the device name)
  3. Installed the latest version of Kies (v2.3 at this time)
  4. Connected the phone via USB and waited for all of the components to be detected and initialized
  5. Ran “adb kill-server” (adb can be found under <Android SDK folder>/platform-tools)
  6. Ran “adb start-server”
  7. Ran “adb devices”. At this point I can see both my Samsung S2 and S3 phones as available devices.

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Thanks! Kies is what I needed for my SIII.
That is exactly what I needed. I was getting frustrated that I could not connect to my galaxy devices; that was until I read this article! I thought my mobile programming efforts were coming to an abrupt ending. :-)

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