How we do Facebook Advertising – Part 1

  • 19 Dec, 2018
  • Phil Hong
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Why advertise on Facebook

First, Facebook is used by 2.27 billion people each month. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Second, Facebook collects an enormous amount of information about its users and allows advertisers to finely target their messaging based on this data. The shift from mass advertising (TV, radio, billboard) to precise targeting on digital platforms like Facebook makes a lot of sense when you consider the ROI for your marketing budget.


Before you get started with Facebook Ads it is important to have the following homework completed:

1. Create a Facebook business page – This is a requirement for placing Facebook Ads.
2. Define your ideal customer, or customers. Imagine the type of people that would be attracted to your offering. Try to get as specific as possible. Facebook allows you to target many different user characteristics such as profession, interests, and location (past, present, future). It even allows you to target sex, race, gender, marital status, etc. Most of these latter categories are protected by federal discrimination laws but Facebook still allows you to target these categories (for now).
3. Ad copy. Once you have identified who you are trying to reach, you need to determine the type of message you want to convey. Stick with a message that identifies the need you are addressing with your offering.

In our next post we will continue with “Setting a Strategy”.

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