Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 – ADB Device Driver

We have been developing applications for the Android platform and getting all of the different phones connected has been tricky. The Samsung Galaxy phones, namely the SII (S2) and the SIII (S3) proved to be the most challenging and time consuming.   Here are the steps we followed to get the phones connected and visibleLearn More
  • 19 Jul, 2012
  • Phil Hong

Transitioning from Paypal to

One of our clients recently requested to change the payment gateway for her website from Paypal to We have been using Paypal for 5+ years but the relationship has always been tenuous. First some background: We went with Paypal initially because it allowed us to customize the entire check-out process and hide Paypal fromLearn More
  • 3 Jul, 2012
  • Phil Hong